Aubree Rose Mia

The Instructor did a great job in teaching us the basics and all we need to know about Javascript.

— Aubree Rose Mia

Michael De Grano

The instructor is very knowledgeable and very lively while teaching.

— Michael De Grano

Eugene Ancheta

The instructor is very knowledgeable and has a deep expertise in ITIL.

— Eugene Ancheta

Jeff Ronald Tabuna

The way she teach is good and easy to approach for the questions especially if the student can’t understand. More power thank you for knowledge sharing.

— Jeff Ronald Tabuna

Richard Phillip Ancheta

She's great. With a great instructor this class learn a lot.

— Richard Phillip Ancheta

Jeremy Florendo

Congratulations and Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise in Linux Network Administration.

— Jeremy Florendo

John Mark Lirac

Her superb delivery and mastery of the subject matter. I like the exercises.

— John Mark Lirac

Jason Casuapanan

The Instructor is capable of delivering explanations that are understandable even for individuals without prior programming experience. He's the best.

— Jason Casuapanan

Kenneth Angeles

The Instructor was able to train us with the basics needed for the course and was able to demonstrate the logic behind each topic/concept.

— Kenneth Angeles

Sancho San Diego

The course was explained clearly that it makes the activity easy.

— Sancho San Diego