John Mike Patay

Overall excellent. Highly recommended. All basic and must-learn contents are discussed and understood. Activities are relevant to the subject.

— John Mike Patay

Laurice Isobel Cruz

Sir Z is such a great instructor. Knows the subject/topic very well. very approachable and accommodating. 

— Laurice Isobel Cruz

Gleen Israel

The lectures were nice, easy to understand, and straight to the point. The class examples are very helpful. The instructor made the students feel comfortable sharing their opinion and asking questions. The facilities are great and conducive to learning.

— Gleen Israel

Joy Ann Pachica

The instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject matter.

— Joy Ann Pachica

Mark Ian Ocampo

The instructor provided additional tips and information about the topic other than those found in the materials.

— Mark Ian Ocampo

Christian Jed Lasquite

Expert in the field of course. Able to answer all queries from the class. For the basic course, the topics of the course are sufficient.

— Christian Jed Lasquite

Ruel	Paloma

Our instructor can answer our questions very well. 

— Ruel Paloma

Alben Bungato

Learned a lot from Linux.  She taught the topics well.  Well organized in terms of outline and topics

— Alben Bungato

Donald Boc

The instructor is experienced and has insights on the subject.

— Donald Boc

Dax Ilog

Excellent! Instructor uses analogy, very practical to easily understand every modules.

— Dax Ilog