Maria Aileen Corales

Very accommodating especially in exercises and answering questions. Very good exercises, I particularly like the password strength exercises. Students can relate to the activities, they are real-life situations.

— Maria Aileen Corales

Andrew Alaras

Our instructor is clearly an expert on the subject matter and is able to clearly communicate complex ideas and present them comprehensively.

— Andrew Alaras

Cristina Vasquez

Very knowledgeable and make use of analogy to better explain the subject. Approachable~ he did a great job in sharing his expertise. Thank you, sir!  The course itself is okay and a great stepping stone for beginners! 

— Cristina Vasquez

Andrea Villavicencio

This is the first time I actually learn something when taking a course. And this is the first time everything in the course manual was discussed in detail. Good job and thumbs up for Sir Lawrence!

— Andrea Villavicencio

Rhodessa Marie Tan

I am impressed of Sir Lawrence on how he was able to relate real life experience with his samples for students to better understand the concept of each topics

— Rhodessa Marie Tan

Ivan Banag

He is an excellent instructor, he explains things very well and lectures effectively. An extremely helpful and informative course. The activities are very relevant to the course. The course site convenience is good and the quality of equipment is excellent.

— Ivan Banag

Ralph Henry Malicdem

Accommodates questions and the ability to entertain questions based on each individual's personal experience.

— Ralph Henry Malicdem

Lucille Osana

I like that he is very approachable, we were able to discuss with him our difficulties with agile without feeling awkward or inferior.

— Lucille Osana

Thomas Emmanuel Bandong

Subject matter expert, provides informative insights for every inquiry.

— Thomas Emmanuel Bandong

Vanessa Garcia

Approachable, accommodates and able to answer questions anytime during the class.

— Vanessa Garcia