Alben Bungato

Learned a lot from Linux.  She taught the topics well.  Well organized in terms of outline and topics

— Alben Bungato

Donald Boc

The instructor is experienced and has insights on the subject.

— Donald Boc

Dax Ilog

Excellent! Instructor uses analogy, very practical to easily understand every modules.

— Dax Ilog

Christian Deocampo

I really appreciated now the MVC pattern and realized how to use it not just in Zend Framework but for other developments as well.

— Christian Deocampo

John Benedict Bautista

The transition and relativeness of the training to the current workstyle is very good.

— John Benedict Bautista

Arvin Andrew Apolonio

Master of the subject. Clarity of voice. Engaging. Very applicable to my work. Very educational and engaging. Nice lighting and spacing. Snacks are of generous serving.

— Arvin Andrew Apolonio

Lambert Antonio

The instructor was willing to answer questions even if it's not part of the course material Clear and relatable Activities are fun and engaging.

— Lambert Antonio

Jillian Carpio

He is knowledgeable and well-versed in UX. He was able to explain things in simple terms. Fun and interesting to do a hands-on approach to building an app.

— Jillian Carpio

Mercedita Pasturan

Very approachable and accommodating. Very enlightening, we discover new approaches/solutions that can be used in our customer service.

— Mercedita Pasturan

Maria Aileen Corales

Very accommodating especially in exercises and answering questions. Very good exercises, I particularly like the password strength exercises. Students can relate to the activities, they are real-life situations.

— Maria Aileen Corales