ActiveLearning is the Philippines’ leading provider of Information Technology and Project Management Training programs

ActiveLearning was founded in 2006 where thousands of students take courses from Application Development to Project Management to Network Security, and much more. Our courses are taught by IT industry practitioners based locally and overseas. Learning is enhanced through a blend of in-depth lectures, workshops, and hands-on exercises.

Expert Instructors

Learn from expert instructors who practice what they teach. Our instructors are involved in constant research and development, who constantly apply the lessons they teach, and who know the same technical issues you face every day.

Superior Courseware

Our courseware go through rigorous evaluation before they are released for instruction. By constantly monitoring industry developments, we make sure that you get course materials that are up to date.


More than just classroom lectures, practical, hands-on exercises are carefully developed for you to immediately put in to practice what you learn. By being immersed in a classroom setting, you get to participate, inquire, and be involved – all essential in expediting the learning process. Aspects you won’t find in Computer-Based-Training and self-study.


Each class can only have a maximum of 10 participants. That means less waiting around to receive help during lab, more time spent discussing relevant problem domains, and more direct contact with the instructor. It’s almost like having a personal tutor for each course.

Standardized Competency

By enrolling your employees in the same Active Learning training course, you are assured that your employees possess the competency you expect from them.

Return On Investment

Although some businesses and IT professionals favor self-study and informal training over hands-on training simply because of budget concerns, more companies are realizing the steep price they pay when they waste time going through trial and error, purchasing reference materials, and lost employee productivity.


ActiveLearning offers flexible corporate conference rooms, meeting rooms and training venues that are state-of-the-art and built to meet all of your training, corporate meeting and conference needs.


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Edwin Prisco Cariño

The important topics needed by an introductory Java programmer are completely covered. I tend to believe that Gavin designed and develop Java with his very clear explanation of the subjects.

— Edwin Prisco Cariño

IT Supervisor - Federal Phoenix

Bernard James Beltran

It is very interactive and teaches the concepts clearly. Moreover, it is applicable in real-world situations.

— Bernard James Beltran

PNOC Exploration Corporation

Edren Mark Dones

The instructor was very professional and confident, very knowledgable. He answers questions promptly.

— Edren Mark Dones

Mapfre Insular Insurance

Jullia Aguilar

Exercises were good. They really make you think hard and learn the material. There are some programming classes that give out exercises wherein you can unintentionally just blindly copy what… Read the full article »

— Jullia Aguilar

Zendesk Inc.

Orville Ballega

The course really helps a lot on my part because it gives me new inputs and knowledge, especially the updates and the latest lessons that are available in the industry.

— Orville Ballega

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

Rogelio Gutierrez

Gavin has a unique way on making the learning process easy even though the topic is very complicated. The activities helped me a lot to understand the course.

— Rogelio Gutierrez

Angeles University Foundation

Jo Seville

Explains the topic clearly, accommodates clarifications and answers questions that help the team better understand the topic, engaging and elicits team’s participation.

— Jo Seville

Project Manager, PNB

Justine Clarence Co

The instructor gives hands on exercises and introduces lots of hacking tools.

— Justine Clarence Co

Lead, Security Compliance, GCash

Allan Espero

I find this course very meaningful and helpful to me. Looking forward to my next training developments with you. Thank you!

— Allan Espero

Business System Analyst, First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation

Julius Rebustillo

Highly Knowledgeable regarding the course/topic. Exceeds my expectations and more…

— Julius Rebustillo

Solutions Architect, Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc.

Ryan Remoreras

Overall my training experience was very good! Gained a lot of insight from the ITIL 4 course.

— Ryan Remoreras

Information Technology Quality Assurance Associate Manager, Accenture

Faith Montojo

The course is very informative and relevant. It corrected many wrong concepts I had about Java. [I liked] how the concepts were clearly discussed. The hands-on exercises were relevant to the topics discussed.

— Faith Montojo

Michael Jay Arizala

Excellent attention to trainees’ questions and explains parts of the course well.

— Michael Jay Arizala

Computer Programmer I, Provincial Government of Agusan del Norte

Jesus Niño Chua

Instructor showed mastery in the subject and approachable.

— Jesus Niño Chua

CMT III, Office of the Solicitor General

Alaine Junee Mae Tribiana

The instructor did very well. He is proficient in the ITIL course content. I liked all the topics and I’m most interested in Guiding Principles part.

— Alaine Junee Mae Tribiana

IT Administrative Coordinator, Eight Under Par (Pawnshop Operator), Inc.

Jennet Sagala

The instructor is very accommodating with participants questions, have patience in all aspect and very concise in providing explanations. My overall experience is worth it and i hope to pass… Read the full article »

— Jennet Sagala

Customer Support Operations Engineer, Five9 Philippines

Rj Vincent Lope Lopez

The Instructor is knowledgeable and has first-hand experience with the problems we’re trying to have solutions for in the development.

— Rj Vincent Lope Lopez

Computer Programmer II, Provincial Government of Agusan Del Norte

Juan Antonio Deleña

The instructor helped us in learning more about the features of PowerPoint including icons, record slide shows, and many more. This can help us in future presentations and for the… Read the full article »

— Juan Antonio Deleña

Economic Development Specialist I, National Economic and Development Authority

Rowena Valerio

[The instructor] was approachable. He made sure that we understood the topics.

— Rowena Valerio

Systems Analyst - Int'l Rice Research Institute

Cyril Dionie Yu

Overall the course gave me a lot of knowledge now.

— Cyril Dionie Yu

coreDev Solutions Inc.

Richard Sandoval

Our instructor has deep knowledge about the course, he gave us more examples. Informative, much to learn.

— Richard Sandoval

Technical Services Division Head, Eight Under Par (Pawnshop Operator), Inc.

Leopoldo Ramirez

I’m very satisfied with what I’ve learned. Took this course as a refresher but I also learned a lot. I also understood more on aspects I already know. Very good teacher who really knows what he teaches. Explains every topic well.

— Leopoldo Ramirez

Telus International Philippines

Maryon Mayor

The course contains everything you need to learn about web development using PHP.

— Maryon Mayor

BDO Unibank,Inc.

Alexandra Gatchallan

The course content and the flow of the lecture topics were easy to follow and track throughout the lecture.

— Alexandra Gatchallan

United Laboratories Inc. (Unilab)

Jarnen Richard

Able to accommodate our questions and also provide leads.

— Jarnen Richard

IT Consultant, Arehi Enterprise LTD

Loreta Mendoza

The instructor is well versed in her area of expertise. She is calm in managing the problems encountered by students. She is a great help to the learning process.

— Loreta Mendoza

Infrastructure Team Lead, BDO Unibank

Kristoffer Po

My first engagement with ActiveLearning was on a certification training for ITIL v4 and such. The company brought along good expertise that involve professional instructors that could help on achieving… Read the full article »

— Kristoffer Po

IT Infrastructure Manager, Pascual Laboratories Inc.

Richelle Eve Baquerfo

The instructor talks the talk and walks the walk as he knows the subject very well. He speaks clearly, with conviction and is able to answer our queries with sure… Read the full article »

— Richelle Eve Baquerfo

Finance Analyst, Aboitiz Power Corporation

Maria Aileen Corales

Very accommodating especially in exercises and answering questions.

— Maria Aileen Corales

Business Systems Support Head, Philippine Daily Inquirer

Jeff Nanas

Definitely a recommendation for future trainings. Expectations have been met.

— Jeff Nanas

Linux System Administrator, BDO Unibank Inc.