ActiveLearning is the Philippines’ leading provider of Information Technology and Project Management Training programs

ActiveLearning was founded in 2006 where thousands of students take courses from Application Development to Project Management to Network Security, and much more. Our courses are taught by IT industry practitioners based locally and overseas. Learning is enhanced through a blend of in-depth lectures, workshops, and hands-on exercises.

Expert Instructors

Learn from expert instructors who practice what they teach. Our instructors are involved in constant research and development, who constantly apply the lessons they teach, and who know the same technical issues you face every day.

Superior Courseware

Our courseware go through rigorous evaluation before they are released for instruction. By constantly monitoring industry developments, we make sure that you get course materials that are up to date.


More than just classroom lectures, practical, hands-on exercises are carefully developed for you to immediately put in to practice what you learn. By being immersed in a classroom setting, you get to participate, inquire, and be involved – all essential in expediting the learning process. Aspects you won’t find in Computer-Based-Training and self-study.


Each class can only have a maximum of 10 participants. That means less waiting around to receive help during lab, more time spent discussing relevant problem domains, and more direct contact with the instructor. It’s almost like having a personal tutor for each course.

Standardized Competency

By enrolling your employees in the same Active Learning training course, you are assured that your employees possess the competency you expect from them.

Return On Investment

Although some businesses and IT professionals favor self-study and informal training over hands-on training simply because of budget concerns, more companies are realizing the steep price they pay when they waste time going through trial and error, purchasing reference materials, and lost employee productivity.


ActiveLearning offers flexible corporate conference rooms, meeting rooms and training venues that are state-of-the-art and built to meet all of your training, corporate meeting and conference needs.


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Eleirold Asuncion

The course gave us a big overview of PHP and gave us all the stuff that we need to get us started to PHP programming. The essentials were covered that… Read the full article »

— Eleirold Asuncion

Cambridge University Press

Alaiza Geene Maandig

The course really taught me a lot about Android Development. I’m very grateful that it gained my knowledge is a Developer. I can’t wait to share my learnings with others… Read the full article »

— Alaiza Geene Maandig

Syntactics Inc.

Nicanor Angelo Tapanco

I like this online training format. The virtual labs are actually faster than I expected. I really like how the files and all the materials are arranged and provided for… Read the full article »

— Nicanor Angelo Tapanco

Portfolio Analyst, American Express International Inc.

Brendelmeri Divina

I like how our instructor acknowledged the area of excel that we want to know more, he clearly state the objective in class, provide thorough explanation of the subject matter,… Read the full article »

— Brendelmeri Divina

Accounting Analyst, Aboitiz Power Corporation

Elsa Paniza

The Instructor knows well-hidden features of Excel and has several applications with it.

— Elsa Paniza

PCI Specialist, Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc.

Mac Albert Bumolo

I like that the instructor further elaborates and provides examples of the topic based on real world experiences. The course not only provides theories of the topics but also real… Read the full article »

— Mac Albert Bumolo

CHAMP Cargosystems Philippines, Inc.

Maria Clarisse Ligunas

The instructor was very good in explaining the concepts. His diagrams, mnemonics and examples were very helpful. He was able to simplify and package the concepts to help us better… Read the full article »

— Maria Clarisse Ligunas

Information Technology Officer II, Department of Education

Clara de Dios

Despite having the class remotely due to the ECQ, Phil’s discussion was really good and provided relatable examples to help us understand the topics. Content of the course slides were… Read the full article »

— Clara de Dios

Product Manager, Globe - Product Management (B2B)

Vince Harley Gaba

The course was in-depth and provided good examples that aided in my understanding of the subjects at hand.

— Vince Harley Gaba

Software Developer, Fisher Rosemount System Inc.

Ella Marie Grace Lingao

The course met my expectations. I gained additional skills and knowledge. The activities are easy to follow and understand. Content is really useful for my work .

— Ella Marie Grace Lingao

Land Bank of the Philippines

Dan Leonard Rayo

The instructor is patient and understanding with his students’ skills and technical background. He has full grasp of the course he’s teaching. He can answer questions well and relate it to real-life applications.

— Dan Leonard Rayo

Samba Tech

Juan Antonio Deleña

The instructor helped us in learning more about the features of PowerPoint including icons, record slide shows, and many more. This can help us in future presentations and for the… Read the full article »

— Juan Antonio Deleña

Economic Development Specialist I, National Economic and Development Authority

Durben Joun Virtucio

Beginner-friendly. As someone with little PM experience, I learned a lot of things that I can readily apply at work.

— Durben Joun Virtucio

Management Trainee, Carousell

Francis Andrew Dy

Really like how the instructor organizes the topics and explain clearly the concepts also, the hands-on exercises are great!

— Francis Andrew Dy

Manila Water Co. Inc

Janine Yonzon

Our instructor is very approachable and knowledgeable of the subject matter. He sees to it that we clearly understood the chapter before heading on to the next. The course content… Read the full article »

— Janine Yonzon

Treasury Analyst, Shopee

Leopoldo Ramirez

I’m very satisfied with what I’ve learned. Took this course as a refresher but I also learned a lot. I also understood more on aspects I already know. Very good teacher who really knows what he teaches. Explains every topic well.

— Leopoldo Ramirez

Telus International Philippines

Richard Sandoval

Our instructor has deep knowledge about the course, he gave us more examples. Informative, much to learn.

— Richard Sandoval

Technical Services Division Head, Eight Under Par (Pawnshop Operator), Inc.

Annie Marie Puga

It’s good that the instructor has the background experience to back up the items being taught. The content was presented in a simplified way where you can really grasp concepts. Activities reflect what was taught so learnings can be applied.

— Annie Marie Puga

Epson Software Philippines, Cebu

Faith Montojo

The course is very informative and relevant. It corrected many wrong concepts I had about Java. [I liked] how the concepts were clearly discussed. The hands-on exercises were relevant to the topics discussed.

— Faith Montojo

Juan Antonio Gonzales

Our instructor is really sociable and relatable. Give this man a raise, I would like a course in which he is the instructor again.

— Juan Antonio Gonzales

Jaeson Avellanoza

No Dull moment and full of activities. Thanks to ActiveLearning and Philip.

— Jaeson Avellanoza

Phoenix Publishing

Edren Mark Dones

The instructor was very professional and confident, very knowledgable. He answers questions promptly.

— Edren Mark Dones

Mapfre Insular Insurance

Irene Pedrozo

Sir Z, is so approachable. He also show us how to code in the simplest way.

— Irene Pedrozo

Information Systems Analyst I, National Economic and Development Authority

Philip Tioxon

I like how the instructor handled the training and you can see well his expertise on MS Project.

— Philip Tioxon

Jr. Project Engineer, Philippine Iron Construction and Marine Works, Inc.

Ma. Victoria Zapata

Great instructor! Delivers the lesson clearly and at a pace that everyone can follow. Also very accommodating to questions and concerns

— Ma. Victoria Zapata

Computer Programmer II, Department of Education

Jomar Bernedo

Sobrang satisfied. Well explained lahat. (Very satisfied. Everything was explained well.)

— Jomar Bernedo

Smart Communications

Grace Norbe

The instructor is knowledgeable on the topic. He entertains questions and queries with definite answers.

— Grace Norbe

DSWD Central Office

Carlo Antasuda

The exercises were very effective, practical, and direct to key concerns.

— Carlo Antasuda

Fujitsu Ten Solutions Phils, Inc.

Lawrence Pactao

It is complete, comprehensive and enlightening on my role in my work.

— Lawrence Pactao

Asurion Hongkong Ltd ROHQ

Richelle Eve Baquerfo

The instructor talks the talk and walks the walk as he knows the subject very well. He speaks clearly, with conviction and is able to answer our queries with sure… Read the full article »

— Richelle Eve Baquerfo

Finance Analyst, Aboitiz Power Corporation