ActiveLearning is the Philippines’ leading provider of Information Technology and Project Management Training programs

ActiveLearning was founded in 2006 where thousands of students take courses from Application Development to Project Management to Network Security, and much more. Our courses are taught by IT industry practitioners based locally and overseas. Learning is enhanced through a blend of in-depth lectures, workshops, and hands-on exercises.

Expert Instructors

Learn from expert instructors who practice what they teach. Our instructors are involved in constant research and development, who constantly apply the lessons they teach, and who know the same technical issues you face every day.

Superior Courseware

Our courseware go through rigorous evaluation before they are released for instruction. By constantly monitoring industry developments, we make sure that you get course materials that are up to date.


More than just classroom lectures, practical, hands-on exercises are carefully developed for you to immediately put in to practice what you learn. By being immersed in a classroom setting, you get to participate, inquire, and be involved – all essential in expediting the learning process. Aspects you won’t find in Computer-Based-Training and self-study.


Each class can only have a maximum of 10 participants. That means less waiting around to receive help during lab, more time spent discussing relevant problem domains, and more direct contact with the instructor. It’s almost like having a personal tutor for each course.

Standardized Competency

By enrolling your employees in the same Active Learning training course, you are assured that your employees possess the competency you expect from them.

Return On Investment

Although some businesses and IT professionals favor self-study and informal training over hands-on training simply because of budget concerns, more companies are realizing the steep price they pay when they waste time going through trial and error, purchasing reference materials, and lost employee productivity.


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Emanuelle Millan

Gavin is an awesome PHP instructor! We were able to tackle all the course content and finish the exercises which is the most important part. I came out of this course not just knowing about PHP, but created some applications with it too!

— Emanuelle Millan

Smart Communications, Inc.

Francis Penuliar

Awesome! well explained in all aspects of the subject, consistent in detail. Thank you!

— Francis Penuliar

Programmer, MHPS-TS

Angel-Leth Degalea

Very effective training methods. He makes sure that we understand every topic before proceeding.

— Angel-Leth Degalea

Amkor Technology Philippines

Dan Leonard Rayo

The instructor is patient and understanding with his students’ skills and technical background. He has full grasp of the course he’s teaching. He can answer questions well and relate it… Read the full article »

— Dan Leonard Rayo

Samba Tech

Allan Bryan Sario

The course materials used and the discussion are very organized.

— Allan Bryan Sario

Bim Modeller/Coordinator, SNC - Atkins

Kristine Espinosa

I appreciate his sharing of practical tips and tricks. I liked the hands on, complete training and the personal teaching approach of the instructor.

— Kristine Espinosa

Systems Analyst - Procter & Gamble Asia Pte, Ltd.

Justin Joel Roranes

I liked the topics. It deepened my Linux experience.

— Justin Joel Roranes

Nexus Technologies Inc.

Maryon Mayor

The course contains everything you need to learn about web development using PHP.

— Maryon Mayor

BDO Unibank,Inc.

Richard Sandoval

Our instructor has deep knowledge about the course, he gave us more examples. Informative, much to learn.

— Richard Sandoval

Technical Services Division Head, Eight Under Par (Pawnshop Operator), Inc.

Franklin Zapata

Great trainer and very knowledgeable, was able to have a complete learning experience and a better understanding of Agile Project Management with Scrum.

— Franklin Zapata

Trend Micro Inc.

Rexdale David

The instructor was very straightforward. Great mastery of the subject being taught, and illustrates the examples very well. The activities are very relevant to my job. I can now apply the examples in the real world.

— Rexdale David

Prudentialife Plans

Ryan Goveas

The exercise examples are challenging and give a good insight into the application of mySQL for practical applications.

— Ryan Goveas

Goveas Aviation & Aerospace Solutions

Ludyvina Pasaba

His real-life examples of the applications of ITIL4 concepts makes it easy to understand and appreciate the learnings. Makes you want to apply as soon as you get back to… Read the full article »

— Ludyvina Pasaba

Asst. Manager, Terumo Philippines Corporation

Romar Iresare

Excellent! Class was not boring and explanations were clear. Good job!

— Romar Iresare

Team Leader, Sykes Asia Inc.

Cyril Dionie Yu

Overall the course gave me a lot of knowledge now.

— Cyril Dionie Yu

coreDev Solutions Inc.

Ella Marie Grace Lingao

The course met my expectations. I gained additional skills and knowledge. The activities are easy to follow and understand. Content is really useful for my work .

— Ella Marie Grace Lingao

Land Bank of the Philippines

Nicanor Angelo Tapanco

I like this online training format. The virtual labs are actually faster than I expected. I really like how the files and all the materials are arranged and provided for… Read the full article »

— Nicanor Angelo Tapanco

Portfolio Analyst, American Express International Inc.

Arnold Villar

Excellent method to impart information. More power. Thank you for a great week of information and shared experiences.

— Arnold Villar

Emerson Electric Asia, Ltd, ROHQ

Rodolfo Lobusta Jr

I like the way of his teaching skills. I’ve learned a lot from this course. He knows the topic very well and answers all of our questions. Great experience with… Read the full article »

— Rodolfo Lobusta Jr

Web Developer, Unilab Inc.

Genalyn Padpad

The instructor provided answers to the questions being asked while citing examples for us to understand further the subject being discussed.

— Genalyn Padpad

IT Helpdesk, Federal Land Inc.

Brendelmeri Divina

I like how the course outline gave us relevant information and flexibility that we can truly use in our line of work.

— Brendelmeri Divina

Accounting Analyst, Aboitiz Power Corporation

Vladimer Marquez

The instructor was very knowledgeable to the software and/or topic at hand.

— Vladimer Marquez

Design Engineer, Asian Terminal Inc.

Romy Ipapo

I like the workshop activities, and how the instructor explained and give extra information and awareness as a beginner in writing PHP scripts.

— Romy Ipapo

IT Head - Acerhomes Development Corp.

Geraldine Marquez

Very well structured, enabled the participant to learn the subject with just the right amount of detail.

— Geraldine Marquez

Sun Life of Canada Phil Inc.

Janice Magno

Activities were well thought to apply the concepts learned.

— Janice Magno

Deltek Systems (Philippines), Ltd.

Arlene Hernaez

Very informative and would encourage you to continue to the next level.

— Arlene Hernaez

British Embassy Manila

Livie Hayao Jr.

Course content is excellent, the case study makes the concepts much clearer to the audience.

— Livie Hayao Jr.

ROHM LSI Design Philippines Inc.

Karl Josel Castillo

The instructor makes it a lot easier to remember important items relevant for the exam.

— Karl Josel Castillo

Risk Management Specialist, Land Bank of the Philippines

Matthew Baking

Excellent just like in the PPO course. He was able to conduct himself properly and teach the material.

— Matthew Baking

Associate Manager, Accenture

Darell Novelozo

Ms. Kim is a great lecturer/trainer, she make sure the topics will discuss it clearly. If you have questions or clarifications she was able to explain more better.

— Darell Novelozo

PAM Delivery Lead, Infocentric Solutions Inc.