Jeff Ronald Tabuna

The way she teach is good and easy to approach for the questions especially if the student can’t understand. More power thank you for knowledge sharing.

— Jeff Ronald Tabuna

Richard Phillip Ancheta

She's great. With a great instructor this class learn a lot.

— Richard Phillip Ancheta

Jeremy Florendo

Congratulations and Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise in Linux Network Administration.

— Jeremy Florendo

John Mark Lirac

Her superb delivery and mastery of the subject matter. I like the exercises.

— John Mark Lirac

Jason Casuapanan

The Instructor is capable of delivering explanations that are understandable even for individuals without prior programming experience. He's the best.

— Jason Casuapanan

Kenneth Angeles

The Instructor was able to train us with the basics needed for the course and was able to demonstrate the logic behind each topic/concept.

— Kenneth Angeles

Sancho San Diego

The course was explained clearly that it makes the activity easy.

— Sancho San Diego

Jermaine	Piol

Our instructor answers our questions very clearly.

— Jermaine Piol

Jose	Kalaw

Our instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject and conducted the class with great enthusiasm.

— Jose Kalaw

Rey Bathan

The instructor shows high level of expertise in Python programming.

— Rey Bathan