Cristian Balunan

Our instructor is friendly towards learners and approachable. CompTIA CertMaster labs can cover it all.

— Cristian Balunan

Russel Quesada

I like about the instructor was effort and Knowledge shown to teach all the information about Comptia A+. I like the course content. I like the laboratories in the course activities.

— Russel Quesada

Alvynn Saniel

Keep up the good work.

— Alvynn Saniel

Catherine Florencio

I received positive feedback from our 5 employees who took the Basic Python Programming course on Oct 26 - 28, 2022. They said they learned a lot of things, the instructor was very good and the schedule was respected; no time was wasted. They are looking forward to their second course, Advanced Python Programming on Nov 21 - 23, 2022.

— Catherine Florencio

Mark Adrian Parrila

The instructor was knowledgeable on every topic. Every topic is related to my work and experience.

— Mark Adrian Parrila

Jansen Mark Baril

The Labs and PBQs are very useful to pass the CompTIA Network+ Certification.

— Jansen Mark Baril

Klent John Viray

The instructor was able to impart his technical knowledge combined with theoretical knowledge. Course content is complete and summarized the whole CompTIA Network+ training.

— Klent John Viray

Emmanuel Mesina

The training experience was an absolute joy.

— Emmanuel Mesina

Frederick Ryan Gadon

The course content is detailed and very easy to understand.

— Frederick Ryan Gadon

Joshua Cinches

The instructor explained the course well and others can understand it better. I like how interactive the activities are. Even setting up hardware is interactive.

— Joshua Cinches