Emilene Bautista

Accommodating to answers all our questions and interactive learning

— Emilene Bautista

Janette Jane Pasicaran

Instructor has an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter being discussed and is presenting his insights to the class.

— Janette Jane Pasicaran

Almarie Aparice

Very knowledgeable with regards to the topic and able to explain it very well.

— Almarie Aparice

Maria Melisa Barcelon

I gain a lot of understanding in Power BI. I will surely use it in our work. This course helps us to have a deeper knowledge in dax measures. A great lecture indeed.

— Maria Melisa Barcelon

Alyssa Beratio

Instructor makes the training more engaging with all other participants which makes it easier for us to understand the course.

— Alyssa Beratio

Anne Swayze Quibuyen

Activities were fun, especially the questions at the end of each topic. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

— Anne Swayze Quibuyen

Shaira Bañano

It was easy for me to understand the course cause the instructor is accommodating, verbally skilled in terms of explaining and has a sense of humor to keep us entertained while learning.

— Shaira Bañano

Allan James Carrido

I enjoy the course activities as they help me to learn about the fundamentals of the azure environment.

— Allan James Carrido

Carolle Fernando

The activities and course materials were very helpful and can be applied to real life practices.

— Carolle Fernando

Duane Andrew Lubrin

Very knowledgeable in ITIL Practices.

— Duane Andrew Lubrin