Dan Leonard Rayo
“The instructor is patient and understanding with his students' skills and technical background. He has full grasp of the course he's teaching. He can answer questions well and relate it to real-life applications.”

— Dan Leonard Rayo

Hazel Grace Valin
“The instructor is quite good and is very knowledgable on the course. Although course duration is short, contents and coverage of the course are complete and very informative. Provides sufficient knowledge and skills to the enrollee. Activities cover extensive application of knowledge gained on each chapter.”

— Hazel Grace Valin

Richard Lugtu
“Gavin made difficult topics easier and thus more interesting to participants. Lots of hands-on exercises to really learn the lessons. Nice!”

— Richard Lugtu

Doki Rusiana Jr.
“The instructor was very well-versed in all areas we have discussed. Very comprehensive course materials I have seen. Technically challenging.”

— Doki Rusiana Jr.

Edren Mark Dones
“The instructor was very professional and confident, very knowledgable. He answers questions promptly.”

— Edren Mark Dones

Faja Jade Ancheta
“Professional, knowledgeable and manages the class very well. He knows how to deliver every topic in a manner that's easy to understand (by giving examples).”

— Faja Jade Ancheta

Alvin Adoremos
“Good to have an instructor who always asks his participants if they understand the topic in each module and always points out important details to focus on.”

— Alvin Adoremos

Romy Ipapo
“I like the workshop activities, and how the instructor explained and give extra information and awareness as a beginner in writing PHP scripts.”

— Romy Ipapo