Vincent Madamba
“The best course to learn Java. [The course content was] updated and well taught.”

— Vincent Madamba

Victorie Maia Donsen
“I can use all the contents on future and present projects. Struts was discussed in the simplest way to make us understand easily. Exercises were really targeted for us to understand the topic discussed.”

— Victorie Maia Donsen

Annie Marie Puga
“It's good that the instructor has the background experience to back up the items being taught. The content was presented in a simplified way where you can really grasp concepts. Activities reflect what was taught so learnings can be applied.”

— Annie Marie Puga

Nathan Noble
“I think almost everything that I wanted my members to learn was covered... The instructor knows how to adjust to trainees with different skill levels, and knows what he is talking about... The activities more or less show usage in the real world.”

— Nathan Noble

Jungie LobitaƱa
“The presentation order of each topic and its relation to the exercises are very good. Generally, the course delivered what we are expecting.”

— Jungie LobitaƱa

Faith Montojo
“The course is very informative and relevant. It corrected many wrong concepts I had about Java. [I liked] how the concepts were clearly discussed. The hands-on exercises were relevant to the topics discussed.”

— Faith Montojo

Joseph Peral
“Very well organized course. The transition of exercises from easy to hard was well inserted into the course. The trainer keeps you on your toes.”

— Joseph Peral

Carlo Antasuda
“The exercises were very effective, practical, and direct to key concerns.”

— Carlo Antasuda

Emanuelle Millan
“Gavin is an awesome PHP instructor! We were able to tackle all the course content and finish the exercises which is the most important part. I came out of this course not just knowing about PHP, but created some applications with it too!”

— Emanuelle Millan

Franjel Consolacion
“Gavin made difficult topics easier and thus more interesting to participants. Lots of hands-on exercises to really learn the lessons. Nice!”

— Franjel Consolacion