Geoffrey Asesor
“This course is highly recommended for those who want to learn Java.”

— Geoffrey Asesor

Edwin Prisco Cariño
“The important topics needed by an introductory Java programmer are completely covered. I tend to believe that Gavin designed and develop Java with his very clear explanation of the subjects.”

— Edwin Prisco Cariño

Leopoldo Ramirez
“I'm very satisfied with what I've learned. Took this course as a refresher but I also learned a lot. I also understood more on aspects I already know. Very good teacher who really knows what he teaches. Explains every topic well.”

— Leopoldo Ramirez

Ryan Cocjin
“The instructor knows what he's talking about. He breathes and speaks Java. The exercises are good. It covers a lot of topics.”

— Ryan Cocjin

Michael Panay
“A very good instructor, excellent in all areas we have discussed. I will recomend this training center to my collegues. Well-organized. The activities are good for the beginners like me.”

— Michael Panay

Marvin Marquez
“The approach to teaching is exemplary - discussion of underlying elements and theories.”

— Marvin Marquez

Jeffrey Famatiga
“In the community of zeros and ones, Gavin is not the father, he's one of the Gods. It is a great oppurtunity to be one of his disciples.”

— Jeffrey Famatiga

Victor Miranda
“The course was very personal considering the size of the group.”

— Victor Miranda

Rowena Valerio
“[The instructor] was approachable. He made sure that we understood the topics.”

— Rowena Valerio

Reynaldo Ballar
“The course was explained well, and (the instructor) was concerned about us learning from the course.”

— Reynaldo Ballar