Jomar Bernedo
“Sobrang satisfied. Well explained lahat. (Very satisfied. Everything was explained well.)”

— Jomar Bernedo

Randy Marasigan
“Gavin is a good instructor. He is obviously knowledgeable about the topic. He discusses the chapters clearly and cite real world examples. The exercises were effective.”

— Randy Marasigan

Michael Suarez
“Very good instructor. Explained the topic very well.”

— Michael Suarez

Angel-Leth Degalea
“Very effective training methods. He makes sure that we understand every topic before proceeding.”

— Angel-Leth Degalea

Jose Tanjuatco
“(I liked) how the theories were very well used in the practical exercises.”

— Jose Tanjuatco

Rogelio Gutierrez
“Gavin has a unique way on making the learning process easy even though the topic is very complicated. The activities helped me a lot to understand the course.”

— Rogelio Gutierrez

Marilyn Guevara
“The instructor is very good. He explains the subject matter clearly. He really has in-depth knowledge of the course.”

— Marilyn Guevara

Izar Fariñas
“The complex topic was explained very clearly. The instructor makes it easier to understand.”

— Izar Fariñas

Angel Ann Chico
“Gavin knows what he's talking about. We attended several trainings before but Gavin delivered his knowledge about PHP very nicely. We are truly happy and fulfilled that we were able to know more about PHP. We can now apply it in our jobs. Hope this kind of course will be more available to everyone.”

— Angel Ann Chico

Angelo Santos
“[The instructor was] excellent! He was able to explain everything that's in the course manual. Talks to explain clearly. Very knowledgeable about the course.”

— Angelo Santos