Abegail Marcelo
“(The instructor) really knows what he is teaching. I like the way he explains the topics using layman's terms.”

— Abegail Marcelo

Rexdale David
“The instructor was very straightforward. Great mastery of the subject being taught, and illustrates the examples very well. The activities are very relevant to my job. I can now apply the examples in the real world.”

— Rexdale David

Jomar Bernedo
“Sobrang satisfied. Well explained lahat. (Very satisfied. Everything was explained well.)”

— Jomar Bernedo

Randy Marasigan
“Gavin is a good instructor. He is obviously knowledgeable about the topic. He discusses the chapters clearly and cite real world examples. The exercises were effective.”

— Randy Marasigan

Michael Suarez
“Very good instructor. Explained the topic very well.”

— Michael Suarez

Angel-Leth Degalea
“Very effective training methods. He makes sure that we understand every topic before proceeding.”

— Angel-Leth Degalea

Jose Tanjuatco
“(I liked) how the theories were very well used in the practical exercises.”

— Jose Tanjuatco

Rogelio Gutierrez
“Gavin has a unique way on making the learning process easy even though the topic is very complicated. The activities helped me a lot to understand the course.”

— Rogelio Gutierrez

Marilyn Guevara
“The instructor is very good. He explains the subject matter clearly. He really has in-depth knowledge of the course.”

— Marilyn Guevara

Izar Fariñas
“The complex topic was explained very clearly. The instructor makes it easier to understand.”

— Izar Fariñas