ActiveLearning Launches Node.js Training in the Philippines

09-Aug-2021 –MANILA, ActiveLearning Inc. – a leading provider of IT and project management training in the Philippines, launched a new training course on Node.js, which will be conducted live online. The first class will be held on Aug 31 – Sept 1, 2021.

Node.js makes it possible for developers to code both the client and server-side in JavaScript, which simplifies development. Node.js is commonly used for creating micro services which is a popular solution in enterprise applications. 

In this 2-day Node.js course, participants will learn how to:

  • Create and make use of modules
  • Use NPM to take advantage of the largest open-source code library in the world
  • Understand Node.js event handling framework
  • Create basic web applications using the Express framework
  • Create REST APIs

Participants taking this course are expected to already know basic JavaScript.

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About ActiveLearning, Inc.

ActiveLearning is a trusted provider of IT training and certifications. It has helped thousands of organizations by equipping their teams with the IT skills necessary to implement their digital transformation initiatives.

Founded in 2006, ActiveLearning now offers a comprehensive training portfolio, including ITIL, agile, cybersecurity, web development, UX, cloud computing, and more. ActiveLearning’s courses are taught by expert instructors. Attendees enjoy learning through a combination of comprehensive instructor-led lectures and hands-on exercises. With ActiveLearning’s Virtual Labs, attendees can remotely access a virtual machine that’s already preconfigured with all the software tools that they will use throughout the course.

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