You Will Get

  • Official EC-Council eBook
  • 12 self-paced premium video lectures
  • Official EC-Council Virtual Labs
  • Guidance and consultation from a certified EC-Council instructor
  • Practice exam
  • EC-Council Certificate of Completion
  • Unlimited course refresher for 1 year (Note: exams are not included)

Courses Benefits

This Ethical Hacking Essentials Training course is a first-of-its-kind certification that provides foundational knowledge and skills in ethical hacking with add-on labs for hands-on experience. The course contains 12 modules and add-on labs covering fundamental ethical hacking concepts, including emerging technologies like IoT and OT, cloud computing, etc. This Ethical Hacking training course in the Philippines is an introductory cybersecurity course that prepares you to begin your career in cybersecurity by teaching ethical hacking and penetration testing fundamentals. This course will introduce you to cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and attack vectors such as web applications, wireless, mobile, IoT, network-level attacks, and countermeasures.

Students will learn what to expect in the field of ethical hacking and with 29 labs, this Ethical Hacking Essentials training course ensures that you receive the hands-on, practical experience to give you the skills necessary for a future in cybersecurity.

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Ethical Hacking training PhilippinesEC-Council is the owner and creator of the world famous Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) and EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)/License Penetration Tester (LPT) programs, and as well as many others programs, that are offered in over 60 countries through a training network of more than 450 training partners globally.

ActiveLearning is an Authorized Training Partner of EC-Council in the Philippines.


Training Delivery

What is Mentored learning?
Mentored learning combines lectures through online videos, and an accompanying e-book – all with a personal instructor that's ready to answer your questions and provide guidance in performing lab exercises.

This Ethical Hacking Essentials training course will be delivered via Mentored-learning, which means a combination of self-paced learning videos and weekly sessions with an expert instructor.

Ethical Hacking training Philippines

You Will Learn

  • The Information security fundamentals and Information security laws and regulations
  • The Cyber Kill Chain methodology, hacking concepts, hacking cycle, and different hacker classes. Ethical hacking concepts, scope, and limitations
  • To detect various threat sources and vulnerabilities in a network or system and different types of malwares
  • The Types of password cracking techniques
  • The social engineering concepts and techniques, including the insider threats and identity theft concepts
  • The Packet sniffing concepts and types, sniffing techniques and countermeasures and DoS and DDoS attacks under sniffing attacks
  • The Web Server Attacks, web Application Attacks, web Application Architecture and Vulnerability Stack, web Application Threats and Attacks, SQL Injection Attacks and the types of SQL Injection Attacks
  • The Wireless Attacks and Countermeasures
  • The Mobile Attacks and Countermeasures
  • The IoT and OT Attacks and Countermeasures
  • The Cloud Computing Threats and Countermeasures
  • The Penetration Testing Fundamentals

About the Exam

There are no eligibility criteria for this Ethical Hacking training essentials Series. The certification is valid for three years from the date the certificate is issued. The recertification window is at the end of 3-years, and EC-Council members may recertify by passing the exam again. There are no annual fees or EC-Council Continuing Education Credits (ECE’s) required to maintain the certification credential during the three-year term.

  • Exam Length : 2 Hours
  • Exam Format : Multiple Choice
  • Exam Platform : ECC Exam Centre
  • No. of Questions : 75
  • Passing Score : 70%
  • Certification : Ethical Hacking Essentials (EHE)

Who Should Attend

EC-Council’s Ethical Hacking training essentials program and certification build and validate candidates’ skills for their cybersecurity future. It is ideal for IT professionals who are seeking to foray into the exciting world of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity enthusiasts and students will readily find the program interesting, challenging, and useful.

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for taking this course

Course Outline

Information Security Fundamentals

  • Information security fundamentals
  • Information security laws and regulations

Ethical Hacking Fundamentals

  • Cyber Kill Chain methodology
  • Hacking concepts, hacking cycle, and different hacker classes
  • Ethical hacking concepts, scope, and limitations

Information Security Threats and Vulnerabilities

  • Detect various threat sources and vulnerabilities in a network or system
  • Different types of malwares

Password Cracking Techniques and Countermeasures

  • Types of password cracking techniques

Social Engineering Techniques and Countermeasures

  • Social engineering concepts and techniques
  • Insider threats and identity theft concepts

Network-Level Attacks and Countermeasures

  • Packet sniffing concepts and types
  • Sniffing techniques and countermeasures
  • DoS and DDoS attacks under sniffing attacks

Web Application Attacks and Countermeasures

  • Web Server Attacks
  • Web Application Attacks
  • Web Application Architecture and Vulnerability Stack
  • Web Application Threats and Attacks
  • SQL Injection Attacks
  • Types of SQL Injection Attacks

Wireless Attacks and Countermeasures

  • Wireless Terminology
  • Types of Wireless Encryption
  • Wireless Network-specific Attack Techniques
  • Bluetooth Attacks
  • Wireless Attack Countermeasures

Mobile Attacks and Countermeasures

  • Mobile Attack Anatomy
  • Mobile Attack Vectors and Mobile Platform Vulnerabilities

IoT and OT Attacks and Countermeasures

    • IoT Attacks

IoT Devices, their need and Application Areas
IoT Threats and Attacks

    • OT Attacks

Understand OT Concepts
OT Challenges and Attacks
OT Attacks Countermeasures

Cloud Computing Threats and Countermeasures

  • Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Container Technology
  • Cloud Computing Threats
  • Cloud Computing Countermeasures

Penetration Testing Fundamentals

  • Fundamentals of Penetration Testing and its Benefits
  • Various Types and Phases of Penetration Testing
  • Guidelines and Recommendations for Penetration Testing