Alaine Junee Mae Tribiana

IT Administrative Coordinator, Eight Under Par (Pawnshop Operator), Inc.

The instructor did very well. He is proficient in the ITIL course content. I liked all the topics and I’m most interested in Guiding Principles part.

Richard Sandoval

Technical Services Division Head, Eight Under Par (Pawnshop Operator), Inc.

Our instructor has deep knowledge about the course, he gave us more examples. Informative, much to learn.

Allan Rae Saac

System Infrastructure Analyst, Eight Under Par (Pawnshop Operator), Inc.

Our instructor was able to relate the ITIL practices to real-life situations.

Gillou Mark Carbonell

Specialized Projects Unit Head, Eight Under Par (Pawnshop Operator), Inc.

The instructor is knowledgeable and experienced about the subject. Easy to understand (course content).

Edgar Kenneth Luna

Reliability Engineer, Glacier Integrated Logistics Inc.

The instructor was able to explain the theory behind JavaScript programming. The course outline was very well done and holistic in approach to learn JavaScript. The course activities were also comprehensive and doable in the allotted time. The Anydesk approach is an innovative way so that the instructor can see the codes.

Vince Harley Gaba

Software Developer, Fisher Rosemount System Inc.

Sir Gavin was a great instructor who is able to give easy-to-understand explanations that cleared up any misunderstandings I had about Object-Oriented Analysis. The course was in-depth and provided good examples that aided in my understanding of the subjects at hand. The activities were engaging and made me apply the things I’ve learned about each topic. Using Microsoft Teams as the mode of delivery was effective as I was able to interact with my instructor using the available tools and the contents are easily shared.

Mikhaila Salvador

Scrum Master, Fisher Rosemount System Inc.

Every section is timeboxed. Our instructor explained all topics clearly. Not a single minute was wasted. The flow was excellent. And I liked that we spent ample time in the analysis part.

Nicanor Angelo Tapanco

Portfolio Analyst, American Express International Inc.

I like this online training format. The virtual labs are actually faster than I expected. I really like how the files and all the materials are arranged and provided for our use during the training.

Rodolfo Lobusta Jr

Web Developer, Unilab Inc.

I like the way of his teaching skills. I’ve learned a lot from this course. He knows the topic very well and answers all of our questions. Great experience with this instructor. This course teaches me a lot about basic mobile development and pushes me to explore more about this course. I hope that they will add more topics soon. I had a great experience in this course. These activities help me to improve my mobile app experience. The lab was great. It has a good requirement for our IDE.

Darell Novelozo

PAM Delivery Lead, Infocentric Solutions Inc.

Ms. Kim is a great lecturer/trainer, she make sure the topics will discuss it clearly. If you have questions or clarifications she was able to explain more better.

Jeff Nanas

Linux System Administrator, BDO Unibank Inc.

Definitely a recommendation for future trainings. Expectations have been met.

Allan Calicdan

DBA, PLDT Global Corp. (Phils.)

The instructor is very accommodating to all questions. It gives me a better picture of what It Security is.

Edmar Sultan

IT Security Analyst, Cambridge University Press

All was good, lesson flow is smooth.

Melanie Sicotte

IT Security Senior Specialist, National Grid Corp. of the Philippines

The instructor is knowledgeable on the subject; arrives on time and professional. Fun to be with.

Justine Clarence Co

Lead, Security Compliance, GCash

The instructor gives hands on exercises and introduces lots of hacking tools.

Karl Josel Castillo

Risk Management Specialist, Land Bank of the Philippines

The instructor makes it a lot easier to remember important items relevant for the exam.

Matthew Baking

Associate Manager, Accenture

Excellent just like in the PPO course. He was able to conduct himself properly and teach the material.

Maria Clarisse Ligunas

Information Technology Officer II, Department of Education

The instructor was very good in explaining the concepts. His diagrams, mnemonics and examples were very helpful. He was able to simplify and package the concepts to help us better remember them. He was also engaging, which kept us attentive during the entire training.

Romar Iresare

Team Leader, Sykes Asia Inc.

Excellent! Class was not boring and explanations were clear. Good job!

Maria Aileen Corales

Business Systems Support Head, Philippine Daily Inquirer

Very accommodating especially in exercises and answering questions.

Philip Tioxon

Jr. Project Engineer, Philippine Iron Construction and Marine Works, Inc.

I like how the instructor handled the training and you can see well his expertise on MS Project.

Allan Bryan Sario

Bim Modeller/Coordinator, SNC - Atkins

The course materials used and the discussion are very organized.

Julius Rebustillo

Solutions Architect, Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc.

Highly Knowledgeable regarding the course/topic. Exceeds my expectations and more…

Genalyn Padpad

IT Helpdesk, Federal Land Inc.

The instructor provided answers to the questions being asked while citing examples for us to understand further the subject being discussed.

Gerald Adornado

IT Project Manager, Dynamic Quest Inc.

The instructor didn’t hesitate to share his knowledge and expertise in Project Management, he made complicated things simple through examples and personal experience. He also shared techniques that help us better appreciate this Project Management course. I will surely enroll in other courses.

Durben Joun Virtucio

Management Trainee, Carousell

Beginner-friendly. As someone with little PM experience, I learned a lot of things that I can readily apply at work.

Andrea Basabas

Programmer 3, MHPS TS

The instructor really fully aware of what he’s teaching, can answer all our questions without a hint of guessing and can remember even what he discussed on the first day haha. Great job sir!

Francis Penuliar

Programmer, MHPS-TS

Awesome! well explained in all aspects of the subject, consistent in detail. Thank you!

Elijah Laxamana

Applications Manager, Getz Bros. Philippines

Great working knowledge of the course and was able to provide examples of use cases.

Noel Ballarta

Web Admin, College of Science CSRC

I like how the topics were presented with real-life scenario examples.

Noly Malbataan

IT Specialist, AP Renewables Inc.

The instructor is really the hokage/master of Laravel.

Alysia Pido

ISA I, Philippine Statistics Authority

Very knowledgeable in Java and explains everything till its tiny details.

Brendelmeri Divina

Accounting Analyst, Aboitiz Power Corporation

I like how the course outline gave us relevant information and flexibility that we can truly use in our line of work.

Richelle Eve Baquerfo

Finance Analyst, Aboitiz Power Corporation

The instructor talks the talk and walks the walk as he knows the subject very well. He speaks clearly, with conviction and is able to answer our queries with sure answers. He also coursed through the materials completely, leaving no lesson or bullet point behind. In fact, he taught us bonus items and simple tricks/hacks which I’m sure will be equally useful when we apply all the things that we’ve learned during our two-day course in advanced excel.

Janine Yonzon

Accounting Analyst, Aboitiz Power Corporation

The course content covered clearly the complex topics in which I expected to learn about. What I liked the most is the use of pivot tables, vlookup/hlookup and the named ranges, as these will be helpful for me in my field of work. Thank you!

Howell Basilad

Accounting Analyst, Aboitiz Power Corporation

All of my expectations were met. The instructor did really great!

Loreta Mendoza

Infrastructure Team Lead, BDO Unibank

The instructor is well versed in her area of expertise. She is calm in managing the problems encountered by students. She is a great help to the learning process.

Karrel Dela Cruz

Business Analyst, Robinsins Bank

Good example of theoretical knowledge to actual industrial application.

Derzy Felicitas

System Administrator, Mantech Power Dynamics Services, Inc.

Excellent technique and material for teaching the course. Receptive to our questions and appreciative of our participation and punctuality.

Joy Ann Pachica

Infrastructure Security Specialist, Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.

The instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject matter.

Rj Vincent Lope Lopez

Computer Programmer II, Provincial Government of Agusan Del Norte

The Instructor is knowledgeable and has first-hand experience with the problems we’re trying to have solutions for in the development.

Michael Jay Arizala

Computer Programmer I, Provincial Government of Agusan del Norte

Excellent attention to trainees’ questions and explains parts of the course well.

Raymond Gil Ibarra

Sr. Software Developer, Emerson Electric Asia Ltd. - ROHQ

The workshop makes it easy to understand the concepts by doing it in actuality.

Ludyvina Pasaba

Asst. Manager, Terumo Philippines Corporation

His real-life examples of the applications of ITIL4 concepts makes it easy to understand and appreciate the learnings. Makes you want to apply as soon as you get back to work.

Kristoffer Po

Infrastructure Manager, Pascual Laboratories Inc.

Excellent instructor. Easily understood.

Elsa Paniza

PCI Specialist, Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc.

The Instructor knows well-hidden features of Excel and has several applications with it.

Ester Zeresh Reyes

Data Coordinator, Wyndham Destinations

Very good at giving technical skills that can help do our job much easier.

Arianne Dela Crus

Brand Manager, Globe Telecom

The Instructor teaches clearly and very informative.

Jillian Carpio

Brand Manager, Globe Telecom

The Instructor is knowledgeable and well versed in UX. He was able to explain things in simple terms. Fun and interesting to do a hands-on approach to building an app.

Angelo Samson

Associate Software Engineer, Safeway Philtech Inc.

The content of the course is complete.

Reynante Pataleta

Operation Manager, McAdams Technology Corporation

The course gave us additional knowledge we can use for our future projects.

Abigail Gonzales

Inside Sales Exceutive - Singapore

The instructor explains very well and always asks if we have questions or concerns on every topic.

Arvin Andrew Apolonio

Project Leader, UCPB

Master of subject. Clarity of voice. Engaging.

Lawrence Matthew Bantayan

Network Supervisor, Smart Communications Inc.

Consistently provides helpful tips and anecdotes that relate to several topics within the course. Highlights important points and makes sure to repeat them every so often to ensure retention. Excellent instructor.

Gleen Israel

Systems and Mobile Development Officer, Technological Institute of the Philippines

Lectures were nice, easy to understand, and straight to the point. The class examples are very helpful. The instructor made the students feel comfortable to share their opinion and ask question. The facilities are great, and conducive for learning.

Lean Herrera

Assistant Systems Development Officer, Technological Institute of the Philippines

Impressive content. With this 3-day workshop, we can now build our web apps.

Maricel Cabrera

IT Senior Specialist, Okada Manila

The instructor was very generous in providing us any information regarding the topics we have discussed. He was able to impart his knowledge to us and answered all our questions. I liked his way of teaching because he was able to provide actual examples.

Catherine Joy Coronado

IT Manager, BDO

The instructor is knowledgeable about the course and made the student learned by stating examples through experience. Will recommend the course to others and most of all the instructor.

Marion Oloris

Software Engineer, American Express International

Awesome. Though I am not a well-knowledge person on Java, I quickly understand and applied the topics in our exercises. Samples are easy to read and learn.

Gianne Gaoiran

Great insights and answers on problems that we often encounter when designing.

Susan Kate Concepcion

Engineer, Toshiba Information Equipment (Phils.), Inc.

The course was organized in such a way that the students with no programming background like me will still understand.

Alfredo Bautista III

Supervisor, Outsourcing8 Inc.

The instructor properly and clearly explained the topics and has improved my knowledge greatly during the duration of this training.

Vladimer Marquez

Design Engineer, Asian Terminal Inc.

The instructor was very knowledgeable to the software and/or topic at hand.

Donde Raguine

Electrical Engineer, Eastern Telecommunications Philippines, Inc.

The instructor delivered the training in a way that the students will easily understand.

Mark Christian Virgil Raneses

Software Developer, Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc.

The instructor is vocal about what he thinks about your work/or about the idea being presented (whether good or bad). His answers are insightful of what you can expect in real-world application.

Rosanne De Celis

Quantity Surveyor, Makati Development Corp.

(The instructor) answered all the student’s questions with excellence. Very knowledgeable.

Maria Cecilia Condez

Reports Analyst, Acquire BPO

We are able to explore Excel already for our everyday work, tasks using the course we learned. It was taught and summarized in a way we can understand and use it.

Doannie Macaraig

Junior Engineering Supervisor, Tsukiden Global Solutions Inc.

Our instructor was able to explain clearly the things that we need to learn about CEH. She was also able to communicate well with all the students including one foreigner. The training was fast paced but she made sure to teach what is necessary for us to learn/know.

Reza Gamboa

IT Manager, Marie France Bodyline International

The Instructor was very good. Concise and knowledgeable. Not a dull moment in his class. The activities helped keep the class active and participative.

John Paul Reyes

IS Sr. Engineer, Trend Micro Inc.

The instructor is very hands-on and very attentive. Speaking in Filipino language is a plus because it makes it more fun! I like the topic on how elements of SCRUM can help the team improve their efficiency. I liked everything because the activities put you on different roles so that you can also know how they function.

Irene Pedrozo

Information Systems Analyst I, National Economic and Development Authority

Sir Z, is so approachable. He also show us how to code in the simplest way.

Crizalis Uy

Trend Micro Inc.

The instructor did great. He made everyone involved in the discussion. He was able to answer all the questions and had provided realistic scenarios if necessary. Overall, it was a great experience attending this Agile Project Management Training.

Franklin Zapata

Trend Micro Inc.

Great trainer and very knowledgeable, was able to have a complete learning experience and a better understanding of Agile Project Management with Scrum.

Almera Geralao

Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc.

The instructor has really mastered the subject. Very knowledgeable not only in PHP but in other languages as well. The discussion was very effective and straightforward. Overall content of the course was excellent. It even touched on OOP and introduction to Zend Framework which was really great.

Melvin Manansala

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems

New and very neat programming. This course is very suitable for our company.

Maryon Mayor

BDO Unibank,Inc.

The course contains everything you need to learn about web development using PHP.

Ryan Capuno

Maxim Integrated

I learn a lot during our activity especially the OOP. I will practice it and apply for my new projects. I will recommend it to my office mates.

Cyril Dionie Yu

coreDev Solutions Inc.

Overall the course gave me a lot of knowledge now.

Claire Nicolas


The course is good to start and know more about programming. The Exercises sums up most of all the coverage of the topics.

Justine Irving Golingan

Safeway Philtech

The instructor is very intelligent. He is so lively when it comes to teaching and making the subject more interesting. Cites different examples where we can understand more about it.

Francis Andrew Dy

Manila Water Co. Inc

Really like how the instructor organizes the topics and explain clearly the concepts also, the hands-on exercises are great!

Joseph Nitura

The content of the course is very cool. I learned a lot from this course – chapter by chapter – detail by detail – and I will recommend this to all of my friends and office mates.

Joseph Calatrava

Toshiba Information Equipment Philippines

Every course gives clear and understandable examples that greatly accompany the trainee.

Arnold Villar

Emerson Electric Asia, Ltd, ROHQ

Excellent method to impart information. More power. Thank you for a great week of information and shared experiences.

Gerard Jerome Reyes

Maxim Integrated

Course content was fulfilling and complete. I like the alternating between lecture and exercise to apply what we learn earlier.

Ronald Tengasantos


The course provides good initial exposure on the tools (by listing and testing) for the attendee to build on hereafter.

Roel Decena

Suyen Corporation

A good instructor not only teaches but shares pocketful of knowledge/wisdom not found in the Training Manuals. Has a wealth of both world and as a Student of his, I gained much.

Alaiza Geene Maandig

Syntactics Inc.

The course really taught me a lot about Android Development. I’m very grateful that it gained my knowledge is a Developer. I can’t wait to share my learnings with others and be another contributor in Android Development back in our office.

Jo-Anne Crystal Acupan

Allegro MicroSystems Philippines Inc.

The instructor is very good in terms of elaborating each chapter in the manual as well as giving example codes and scenarios. Very precise and direct to the point. The keys are already stated in the course content. What I like the most is we are able to give our own ideas to each chapter activities.

Mac Albert Bumolo

CHAMP Cargosystems Philippines, Inc.

I like that the instructor further elaborates and provides examples of the topic based on real world experiences. The course not only provides theories of the topics but also real world experiences. The examples used are up to date. The course have helped me further understand design patterns and their appropriate time to use them. The course activities had helped me further remember and helped me to practice what we have learned.

Aries Camitan

Fisher-Rosemount System Inc.

This is a very good course not only to learn UML but also how to do actual applications of design patterns in the real world. I learn a lot in doing actual activities it gives me more confident on the course that we are learning.

Oliver Bugarin

Sun Life of Canada (Philippines)

The instructor’s expertise and explanation of the topics in the course are superb. These new skill set will really improve how we analyze and design requirements in OO perspective. Course content is well organized that enable us, students to interrelate all the topics.

Kerry Von Anapi


It was well taught by the instructor beginning with the basic up to the more complicated part of the topic. After the lecture, there is a hands-on exercise that will practice the students on what the instructor has taught.

Jhonofre Abunto

GNPower Mariveles Coal Plant Ltd. Co

Course content is properly organized in a manner that student can understand the entire flow of how the system works.

Ramir Intatano

Ateneo De Manila University

Very informative especially to those who already with experience in Linux, because you can get more and depth learning about different parts of commands and configuration files.

Glenn Nera

BDO Unibank,Inc.

I liked everything. I’ve gained added knowledge through the course.

Orville Ballega

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

The course really helps a lot on my part because it gives me new inputs and knowledge, especially the updates and the latest lessons that are available in the industry.

Fred Pedernal

Safeway Philtech

Excellent! Highly recommended for those who want to learn Java.

Jaeson Avellanoza

Phoenix Publishing

No Dull moment and full of activities. Thanks to ActiveLearning and Philip.

Grace Norbe

DSWD Central Office

The instructor is knowledgeable on the topic. He entertains questions and queries with definite answers.

Ma. Dorothy Bermundo

Very helpful to me, will encourage my friends to enroll here.

Alexandra Gatchallan

United Laboratories Inc. (Unilab)

The course content and the flow of the lecture topics were easy to follow and track throughout the lecture.

Van Hale Vinluan

Indra Philippines Inc.

The activities played a big role in learning the course. It was easy yet challenging.

Magella Marie Lama


The course content mainly discusses basic C# syntax/uses. It is usable for me because I’m a beginner in C# environment.

Ryan Goveas

Goveas Aviation & Aerospace Solutions

The exercise examples are challenging and give a good insight into the application of mySQL for practical applications.

Gilbert De Jesus

Philippine Navy

40% of class time was allocated for laboratories which is good for this type of course.

John Lester Fatallo

Cenqhomes Development Corporation

Keeps the topic easily understandable by beginners in the course regardless of programming background of the students. The activities were designed to make use of all the topics discussed throughout the course.

Danielle Althea Mendoza

Kantar Media Philippines

The activities were balanced and really compelled students to put their recently acquired knowledge to the test.

Julian Kurt Seguiran

Nexus Technologies Inc.

Very clear in teaching and I learned a lot especially in Objects, Jquery, JSON, AJAX. Also, I learned other things like conventions and best practices in JavaScript.

Janice Magno

Deltek Systems (Philippines), Ltd.

Activities were well thought to apply the concepts learned.

Lawrence Pactao

Asurion Hongkong Ltd ROHQ

It is complete, comprehensive and enlightening on my role in my work.

John Michael Imperial

Globe Fintech Inc.

The activities are aligned with what has been taught and there are touches of cleverness and tricks in the drills which could really help in the exam prep as well as overall knowledge.

Eleirold Asuncion

Cambridge University Press

The course gave us a big overview of PHP and gave us all the stuff that we need to get us started to PHP programming. The essentials were covered that I think it is the basic thing to know in every programming language and the intermediate things will follow easily after. The course activities were fun and were challenging.

Jestel Diona Buenaventura

Texas Instruments Philippines Inc.

Just the right amount of activities. Well constructed, the activities were not too difficult nor too easy.

Isabelo Galeon

SPi Global

I like the way how the exercises relate to the chapters and how it progress. The course is straight forward and easy to understand.

Bernard James Beltran

PNOC Exploration Corporation

It is very interactive and teaches the concepts clearly. Moreover, it is applicable in real-world situations.

John Philip Carmona


Course content is really good. Covered almost everything I need to know. The activities really helped me implement the things I’ve learned in this course.

Diana Naparam

Lingaro Philippines

The course was able to comprise all details for us to be able to create a decent functional android application, which can personally help me greatly at work.

Livie Hayao Jr.

ROHM LSI Design Philippines Inc.

Course content is excellent, the case study makes the concepts much clearer to the audience.

Justin Joel Roranes

Nexus Technologies Inc.

I liked the topics. It deepened my Linux experience.

John Darwin Carambas


Overall, the course was great.

Kathleen Yulisys Gemoto

Transitions Optical Philippines Inc.

Course 650: Project Management: Skills for Success is a course suitable to those who wanted to explore Project Management on the next level. Given the vast area of PM, the course was able to target specific key points that is applicable to different areas of the various attendees in the field of finance, hr, IT, engineering and event marketing all in one session because of the vast expertise of the Course Instructor. Thank you for this fun, lively and fruitful ^^ course activity!

Jullia Aguilar

Zendesk Inc.

Exercises were good. They really make you think hard and learn the material. There are some programming classes that give out exercises wherein you can unintentionally just blindly copy what was on the slides. I’m glad this wasn’t one of them. The exercises here really made sure that you knew what you were supposed to do.

Arlene Hernaez

British Embassy Manila

Very informative and would encourage you to continue to the next level.

Bryan Catungal

Subic Water and Sewerage Co. Inc.

The course has answered all my questions on web development.

Kollin Jason Yabut

American Express Inc.

I liked the portion on interfacing with database and GUI creation. The meeting room site and equipment are excellent. The air conditioning is superb!

John Michael Imperial

Globe Fintech Inc.

The course was really great and the instructor was awesome. The site was awesome as well and cozy. A good institution to learn computer programming and stuff!

Geraldine Marquez

Sun Life of Canada Phil Inc.

Very well structured, enabled the participant to learn the subject with just the right amount of detail.

Angeline Mendoza

Edeska LLC

It’s organized and very good.

Katrina Ann Alcantara

United Laboratories Inc. (Unilab)

Content is really useful for my work .

Ella Marie Grace Lingao

Land Bank of the Philippines

The course met my expectations. I gained additional skills and knowledge. The activities are easy to follow and understand. Content is really useful for my work .

Nathan C. Obregon


I learned something new in each chapter that I could definitely apply to my work.

Dan Leonard Rayo

Samba Tech

The instructor is patient and understanding with his students’ skills and technical background. He has full grasp of the course he’s teaching. He can answer questions well and relate it to real-life applications.

Ralph Aldover

kgb Philippines

I like the completeness and the straight to the point instructions, the course was very easy to learn, interaction between the instructor and student was dynamic.

Allan San Juan

Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific HK

The course is well organized and very easy to understand. The instructor has a very good teaching method, he connects very well with his students. He uses terms that are easy to understand and he provides helpful examples.

George Gavin

Systems Officer IV, Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc.

The instructor is very knowledgeable on the subject. His approach is easily understood. All workshops helped me understand fully the commands and syntax.

Melvin Ambrosio

GMA Network

The course is great. I’ve come to appreciate SQL even more. Excellent instructor. He is able to explain all the topics very clearly. The content of the course covered most of the basics to get us started in mysql. The hand-out will be an indespensible tool for us.

Kristine Espinosa

Systems Analyst - Procter & Gamble Asia Pte, Ltd.

I appreciate his sharing of practical tips and tricks. I liked the hands on, complete training and the personal teaching approach of the instructor.

Catherine Tambongco

ACP Test Company

I like the workshop activities, and how the instructor explained and give extra information and awareness as a beginner in writing PHP scripts.

Geoffrey Asesor

Service Management Head - Globe Telecom, Inc.

This course is highly recommended for those who want to learn Java.

Edwin Prisco Cariño

IT Supervisor - Federal Phoenix

The important topics needed by an introductory Java programmer are completely covered. I tend to believe that Gavin designed and develop Java with his very clear explanation of the subjects.

Leopoldo Ramirez

Telus International Philippines

I’m very satisfied with what I’ve learned. Took this course as a refresher but I also learned a lot. I also understood more on aspects I already know. Very good teacher who really knows what he teaches. Explains every topic well.

Ryan Cocjin

U.S. Embassy

The instructor knows what he’s talking about. He breathes and speaks Java. The exercises are good. It covers a lot of topics.

Michael Panay

Robinsons Bank

A very good instructor, excellent in all areas we have discussed. I will recomend this training center to my collegues. Well-organized. The activities are good for the beginners like me.

Marvin Marquez

Asia United Bank

The approach to teaching is exemplary – discussion of underlying elements and theories.

Jeffrey Famatiga

Web Project Manager - Emerson Network Power

In the community of zeros and ones, Gavin is not the father, he’s one of the Gods. It is a great oppurtunity to be one of his disciples.

Victor Miranda

Systems Analyst - Aboitiz One, Inc.

The course was very personal considering the size of the group.

Rowena Valerio

Systems Analyst - Int'l Rice Research Institute

[The instructor] was approachable. He made sure that we understood the topics.

Reynaldo Ballar

Jr. Java Developer - Cambridge University Press

The course was explained well, and (the instructor) was concerned about us learning from the course.

Vincent Madamba

Philippine Heart Center

The best course to learn Java. [The course content was] updated and well taught.

Victorie Maia Donsen

Epson Software Philippines, Cebu

I can use all the contents on future and present projects. Struts was discussed in the simplest way to make us understand easily. Exercises were really targeted for us to understand the topic discussed.

Annie Marie Puga

Epson Software Philippines, Cebu

It’s good that the instructor has the background experience to back up the items being taught. The content was presented in a simplified way where you can really grasp concepts. Activities reflect what was taught so learnings can be applied.

Nathan Noble

Chief Systems Engineer - Epson Software Philippines, Cebu

I think almost everything that I wanted my members to learn was covered… The instructor knows how to adjust to trainees with different skill levels, and knows what he is talking about… The activities more or less show usage in the real world.

Jungie Lobitaña

Epson Software Philippines, Cebu

The presentation order of each topic and its relation to the exercises are very good. Generally, the course delivered what we are expecting.

Faith Montojo

The course is very informative and relevant. It corrected many wrong concepts I had about Java. [I liked] how the concepts were clearly discussed. The hands-on exercises were relevant to the topics discussed.

Joseph Peral

Epson Software Philippines, Cebu

Very well organized course. The transition of exercises from easy to hard was well inserted into the course. The trainer keeps you on your toes.

Carlo Antasuda

Fujitsu Ten Solutions Phils, Inc.

The exercises were very effective, practical, and direct to key concerns.

Emanuelle Millan

Smart Communications, Inc.

Gavin is an awesome PHP instructor! We were able to tackle all the course content and finish the exercises which is the most important part. I came out of this course not just knowing about PHP, but created some applications with it too!

Franjel Consolacion

IT Consultant

Gavin made difficult topics easier and thus more interesting to participants. Lots of hands-on exercises to really learn the lessons. Nice!

Abegail Marcelo

Govida Studios

(The instructor) really knows what he is teaching. I like the way he explains the topics using layman’s terms.

Rexdale David

Prudentialife Plans

The instructor was very straightforward. Great mastery of the subject being taught, and illustrates the examples very well. The activities are very relevant to my job. I can now apply the examples in the real world.

Jomar Bernedo

Smart Communications

Sobrang satisfied. Well explained lahat. (Very satisfied. Everything was explained well.)

Randy Marasigan

Systems Engineer - Fujitsu Ten Solutions Phils, Inc.

Gavin is a good instructor. He is obviously knowledgeable about the topic. He discusses the chapters clearly and cite real world examples. The exercises were effective.

Michael Suarez

Holy Angel University

Very good instructor. Explained the topic very well.

Angel-Leth Degalea

Amkor Technology Philippines

Very effective training methods. He makes sure that we understand every topic before proceeding.

Jose Tanjuatco

Project Manager - Trend Micro

(I liked) how the theories were very well used in the practical exercises.

Rogelio Gutierrez

Angeles University Foundation

Gavin has a unique way on making the learning process easy even though the topic is very complicated. The activities helped me a lot to understand the course.

Marilyn Guevara

Amkor Technology Philippines

The instructor is very good. He explains the subject matter clearly. He really has in-depth knowledge of the course.

Izar Fariñas

Transcom Worldwide

The complex topic was explained very clearly. The instructor makes it easier to understand.

Angel Ann Chico

Union Bank of the Philippines

Gavin knows what he’s talking about. We attended several trainings before but Gavin delivered his knowledge about PHP very nicely. We are truly happy and fulfilled that we were able to know more about PHP. We can now apply it in our jobs. Hope this kind of course will be more available to everyone.

Angelo Santos

Xavier School

[The instructor was] excellent! He was able to explain everything that’s in the course manual. Talks to explain clearly. Very knowledgeable about the course.

Dan Leonard Rayo

Samba Tech

The instructor is patient and understanding with his students’ skills and technical background. He has full grasp of the course he’s teaching. He can answer questions well and relate it to real-life applications.

Hazel Grace Valin

Software Engineer - Jump Systems, Inc

The instructor is quite good and is very knowledgable on the course. Although course duration is short, contents and coverage of the course are complete and very informative. Provides sufficient knowledge and skills to the enrollee. Activities cover extensive application of knowledge gained on each chapter.

Richard Lugtu

eTelecare / Stream Global

Gavin made difficult topics easier and thus more interesting to participants. Lots of hands-on exercises to really learn the lessons. Nice!

Doki Rusiana Jr.

Davao Doctors Hospital

The instructor was very well-versed in all areas we have discussed. Very comprehensive course materials I have seen. Technically challenging.

Edren Mark Dones

Mapfre Insular Insurance

The instructor was very professional and confident, very knowledgable. He answers questions promptly.

Faja Jade Ancheta

Bayview Technology

Professional, knowledgeable and manages the class very well. He knows how to deliver every topic in a manner that’s easy to understand (by giving examples).

Alvin Adoremos

Data Center Officer - Philippine Savings Bank

Good to have an instructor who always asks his participants if they understand the topic in each module and always points out important details to focus on.

Romy Ipapo

IT Head - Acerhomes Development Corp.

I like the workshop activities, and how the instructor explained and give extra information and awareness as a beginner in writing PHP scripts.