On-site Training

On Site Training

If you have several employees with similar training requirements, on-site training is a cost-effective option your organization may want to consider.

Hassle-free Experience

Your employees don’t need to change their working schedules, nor do they have to change their commuting routines. And since they are in your office, they can work even after training hours to continue working on sensitive projects. Projects won’t be put on hold, and e-mails won’t be left unanswered just because someone is out of the office.


Active Learning provides significant discounts for groups enrolled in the same training course.

Quality Courseware and Expert Instructors

With on-site training, you receive the same quality instructors and courseware that we use for our public courses.

Anytime, anywhere

All Active Learning courses can be conducted anytime, anywhere in the world. No need for costly travel expenses. We bring the training to you.

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