Live Online Training


Wherever you are, keep upgrading yourself with our Live Online training platform that lets you experience the same
instructor-led classroom training.

With our Live Online Training, you can:

[lgc_column grid=”10″ tablet_grid=”30″ mobile_grid=”30″ last=”false”]computer_control

[lgc_column grid=”25″ tablet_grid=”70″ mobile_grid=”70″ last=”false”]Control a computer dedicated entirely to you. Using our Virtual Labs, your instructor will be able to see exactly how you’re doing and can assist you remotely.[/lgc_column]

[lgc_column grid=”10″ tablet_grid=”30″ mobile_grid=”30″ last=”false”]save_time

[lgc_column grid=”25″ tablet_grid=”70″ mobile_grid=”70″ last=”true”]Save time. Avoid the traffic. No more commutes.[/lgc_column]

[lgc_column grid=”10″ tablet_grid=”30″ mobile_grid=”30″ last=”false”]communicate

[lgc_column grid=”25″ tablet_grid=”70″ mobile_grid=”70″ last=”false”]Communicate easily with your instructor and classmates by voice or chat. Ask questions, get clarification and contribute your insights.[/lgc_column]

[lgc_column grid=”10″ tablet_grid=”30″ mobile_grid=”30″ last=”false”]save_cost

[lgc_column grid=”25″ tablet_grid=”70″ mobile_grid=”70″ last=”true”]Save on costs. No need to pay airfare and hotel accommodations.[/lgc_column]