Digital Transformation

Learn the skills you need to become a UX designer and create products that people love to use.

Our UX course will teach you everything you need to know about UX design, from the basics of user-centered design to advanced topics like usability testing and A/B testing

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Digital Transformation Learning Scheme

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User Experience (UX)

7 hours

This boot-camp is fast-paced, hands-on and interactive. It has been designed to focus on “learning by doing” rather than “learning by listening”.
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User Experience (UX) Certification

21 hours

UX is central to designing meaningful experiences that matter to customers. When done right, you will understand your customers better, improve the customer experience and see opportunities for new products and services.
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Design Thinking

7 hours

This workshop is designed to be a hands-on way to learn Design Thinking and develop the skills and processes needed in a “learning-by-doing” environment.