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Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Training Philippines

What You Get

  • 7 hours of high-quality classroom or live online training
  • Certified Microsoft Azure Instructor
  • Official Microsoft Learn courseware
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Unlimited course refresher for 1 year (Note: exams are not included)

Course Benefits

This Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification training course will provide you the foundational level knowledge on:

  • Azure concepts
  • Core Azure services
  • Core solutions and management tools general security and network security concepts
  • Governance, privacy, and compliance features
  • Azure cost management and service level agreements

You Will Learn

  • The basics of cloud computing and Azure, and how to get started with Azure's subscriptions and accounts.
  • The advantages of using cloud computing services, learning to differentiate between the categories and types of cloud computing, and how to examine the various concepts, resources, and terminology that are necessary to work with Azure architecture.
  • The core services available with Microsoft Azure.
  • The core solutions that encompass a wide array of tools and services from Microsoft Azure.
  • The general security and network security features, and how you can use the various Azure services to help ensure that your cloud resources are safe, secure, and trusted.
  • To identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features, and how Azure can help you secure access to cloud resources, what it means to build a cloud governance strategy, and how Azure adheres to common regulatory and compliance standards.
  • The factors that influence cost, tools you can use to help estimate and manage your cloud spend, and how Azure's service-level agreements (SLAs) can impact your application design decisions.

Who Should Attend

This Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification training course is aimed at the following roles:

  • Administrator
  • AI Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Database Administrator
  • Developer
  • Security Engineer
  • Mangers wanting to know more about cloud computing
  • Anyone aspiring to be certified for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam (Exam AZ-100)

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for taking this Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification training course. However, the more technical knowledge a student has, the more they will understand about the cloud.

Course Outline

Azure concepts

  • Introduction to Azure fundamentals
  • Azure fundamental concepts
  • Azure architectural components

Azure services

  • Azure database and analytics services
  • Azure compute services
  • Azure Storage services
  • Azure networking services

Solutions and management tools on Azure

  • Choose the best tools to help organizations build better solutions
  • Choose the best monitoring service for visibility, insight, and outage mitigation
  • Choose the best tools for managing and configuring your Azure environment
  • Choose the best Azure serverless technology for your business scenario
  • Choose the best Azure IoT service for your application

General security and network security features

  • Protect against security threats on Azure
  • Secure network connectivity on Azure

Identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features

  • Secure access to your applications by using Azure identity services
  • Build a cloud governance strategy on Azure
  • Examine privacy, compliance, and data protection standards on Azure

Azure cost management and service level agreements

  • Plan and manage your Azure costs
  • Choose the right Azure services by examining SLAs and service lifecycle