Courses Benefits

The government requires all businesses to comply with the Data Privacy act of 2012. Non-compliance may result into hefty fines, prison time, and reputational damages.

The Data Privacy & Protection course covers the fundamental concepts of data privacy and protection. Participants will learn through lectures and activities the concepts and requirements of Data Privacy and relevant data protection processes and techniques.

You Will Learn How To

  • Understand the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and 2016 IRR
  • Understand the basic principles in data privacy and protection
  • Know where to get the right and official information
  • Determine the right procedure of compliance
  • Prepare your company for compliance
  • Create the right enterprise governance, capability, and programs for DP compliance

Who Should Attend

The course is ideal for participants who want to increase their knowledge about Data Privacy and the protection practices that they can apply in their respective field of profession.

  • Business Owners
  • CIOs / IT Managers / Business Managers
  • Data Protection/Information Governance Managers
  • Legal, Regulatory, Compliance Officers, and Internal Auditors
  • Record Managers and Database Administrators
  • HR Practitioners
  • Data Collectors and Processors like HR, Legal and Operation Staff
  • IT Personnel and Professionals

Course Outline

Introduction to Privacy

  • Evolution of Privacy
  • Definition of Personal Information
  • Types of Personal Information
  • Privacy as a Process
  • Privacy Principles
  • Evolution of Privacy

Introduction to Philippine Data Privacy Act

  • Preliminary Provisions
  • Scope of Application
  • National Privacy Commission
  • Principles for Data Sharing
  • Lawful Processing of Personal Information
  • Data Privacy and Security in Government
  • Rights of Data Subject
  • Data Breach Notification
  • Outsourcing and Subcontracting Agreements
  • Registration and Compliance Requirements
  • Rules on Accountability
  • Miscellaneous Provisions

DPA IRR Compliance Framework

  • NPC Circular 16-02: Data Sharing Agreement
  • NPC Circular 16-03 & 16-04: Breach Management and Rules of Procedure
  • NPC Circular 17-01: NPC Registration Requirements
  • Data Privacy Management Briefing
  • NPC Advisory 17-01: Data Privacy Officer; Governance
  • NPC Advisory 17-02: PDS for gov’t (subject to participants)
  • NPC Advisory 17-03: Privacy Impact Assessment
  • NPC Advisory 18-02: Breach Reportorial Requirements and Simulation

Data Privacy Plan and Operations

  • Privacy Planning
  • Conducting Privacy Risk Assessments
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Assessing Risks
  • Privacy-Related Legal Requirements
  • Managing Privacy Complaints
  • Developing an Incident Response Plan
  • Handling Data Breach Notification Process

Introduction to International Compliance Standards and Trends

  • GDPR
  • Other related laws
  • Trends in Data Privacy