Katrina Ann Alcantara
“Content is really useful for my work .”

— Katrina Ann Alcantara

Ella Marie Grace Lingao
“The course met my expectations. I gained additional skills and knowledge. The activities are easy to follow and understand. Content is really useful for my work .”

— Ella Marie Grace Lingao

Nathan C. Obregon
“I learned something new in each chapter that I could definitely apply to my work.”

— Nathan C. Obregon

Dan Leonard Rayo
“The instructor is patient and understanding with his students' skills and technical background. He has full grasp of the course he's teaching. He can answer questions well and relate it to real-life applications.”

— Dan Leonard Rayo

Ralph Aldover
“I like the completeness and the straight to the point instructions, the course was very easy to learn, interaction between the instructor and student was dynamic.”

— Ralph Aldover

Allan San Juan
“The course is well organized and very easy to understand. The instructor has a very good teaching method, he connects very well with his students. He uses terms that are easy to understand and he provides helpful examples.”

— Allan San Juan

George Gavin
“The instructor is very knowledgeable on the subject. His approach is easily understood. All workshops helped me understand fully the commands and syntax.”

— George Gavin

Melvin Ambrosio
“The course is great. I've come to appreciate SQL even more. Excellent instructor. He is able to explain all the topics very clearly. The content of the course covered most of the basics to get us started in mysql. The hand-out will be an indespensible tool for us.”

— Melvin Ambrosio

Kristine Espinosa
“I appreciate his sharing of practical tips and tricks. I liked the hands on, complete training and the personal teaching approach of the instructor.”

— Kristine Espinosa

Catherine Tambongco
“I like the workshop activities, and how the instructor explained and give extra information and awareness as a beginner in writing PHP scripts.”

— Catherine Tambongco