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Developing Mobile Applications With Android™




4 days


Courses Benefits

The proliferation of Android devices has created strong demand for Android developers. Thousands of developers and organizations have made fortunes from creating applications on the Android platform. By embracing mobile technology, enterprises are now extending their reach of their applications. This Android training course will enable you to develop robust Android applications. By the end of this Android training course, you would have completed an Android application that will allow you to send SMS over the network using Android.

You Will Learn How To

  • Effectively build professional mobile business applications using Java and the Android Studio
  • Create intuitive, reliable software using activities, services and intents
  • Design engaging user interfaces that work seamlessly with a range of phones
  • Store and retrieve data with content providers and the SQLite database
  • Integrate Android applications with enterprise systems

Who Should Attend

Those wanting to develop mobile applications using the Android platform. Java programming knowledge and experience at the level of Course 321 - Comprehensive Introduction to Java Programming is assumed. Participants are encouraged to bring an Android-based phone to test the exercises.

Course Investment

Course Outline

Introduction to Android

  • What is Android?
  • The Android Run Time Virtual Machine
  • Android Application Components
  • Installing the SDK
  • "Hello World" QuickStart
  • Android Resources
  • Debugging in Android

Android User Interface

  • Creating Toast Messages
  • Creating an Android UI
  • Using Common Android Views
  • Using Common Android Layouts
  • Handling Events
  • Changing the Application's Icon
  • Adding UI Graphics and Colors
  • Creating Lists and Adapters
  • Creating Application Menus

Activities and Intents

  • Understanding the Activity Lifecycle
  • Sending and Receiving Intents Activities
  • Understanding Context and Application
  • Starting an Activity
  • Returning Results from Activities

Threads, Services, Broadcast Receivers and Alerts

  • Creating Services
  • Creating Alerts Threads
  • Creating Broadcast Receivers
  • Using Handler
  • Using AsyncTask

Networking and SMS

  • Accessing Web Content
  • Accessing REST Services
  • Sending an SMS

Data Storage

  • Shared Preferences
  • Using the Preferences Framework
  • Storing and Retrieving Data using SQLite
  • Storing and Retrieving Data using Content Providers


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"I like the way of his teaching skills. I've learned a lot from this course. He knows the topic very well and answers all of our questions. Great experience with this instructor. This course teaches me a lot about basic mobile development and pushes me to explore more about this course. I hope that they will add more topics soon. I had a great experience in this course. These activities help me to improve my mobile app experience. The lab was great. It has a good requirement for our IDE."

Developing Mobile Applications With Android™

Rodolfo Lobusta Jr

Web Developer, Unilab Inc.

"Excellent attention to trainees' questions and explains parts of the course well."

Developing Mobile Applications With Android™

Michael Jay Arizala

Computer Programmer I, Provincial Government of Agusan del Norte

"Awesome. Though I am not a well-knowledge person on Java, I quickly understand and applied the topics in our exercises. Samples are easy to read and learn."

Developing Mobile Applications With Android™

Marion Oloris

Software Engineer, American Express International

"A good instructor not only teaches but shares pocketful of knowledge/wisdom not found in the Training Manuals. Has a wealth of both world and as a Student of his, I gained much."

Developing Mobile Applications With Android™

Roel Decena

Suyen Corporation

"Course content is really good. Covered almost everything I need to know. The activities really helped me implement the things I've learned in this course."

Developing Mobile Applications With Android™

John Philip Carmona


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