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The following testimonials were obtained from course evaluation forms filled up by Active Learning students at the end of each course.

“I appreciate his sharing of practical tips and tricks. I liked the hands on, complete training and the personal teaching approach of the instructor.”

Kristine Espinosa - Systems Analyst
Procter & Gamble Asia Pte, Ltd.

“I like the workshop activities, and how the instructor explained and give extra information and awareness as a beginner in writing PHP scripts.”

Catherine Tambongco
ACP Test Company

“I've attended several training companies and your Java course is one of the best I've attended in terms of both the instructor's knowledge and the course content. And its even better than the one I attended in Sun. The course was just perfect for our level of understanding.”

Romy Ipapo - IT Head
Acerhomes Development Corp.

“This course is highly recommended for those who want to learn Java.”

Geoffrey Asesor - Service Management Head
Globe Telecom, Inc.

“The important topics needed by an introductory Java programmer are completely covered. I tend to believe that Gavin designed and develop Java with his very clear explanation of the subjects.”

Edwin Prisco Cariño - IT Supervisor
Federal Phoenix

“I'm very satisfied with what I've learned. Took this course as a refresher but I also learned a lot. I also understood more on aspects I already know. Very good teacher who really knows what he teaches. Explains every topic well.”

Leopoldo Ramirez
Telus International Philippines

“The instructor knows what he's talking about. He breathes and speaks Java. The exercises are good. It covers a lot of topics.”

Ryan Cocjin
U.S. Embassy

“A very good instructor, excellent in all areas we have discussed. I will recomend this training center to my collegues. Well-organized. The activities are good for the beginners like me.”

Michael Panay
Robinsons Bank

“The approach to teaching is exemplary - discussion of underlying elements and theories.”

Marvin Marquez
Asia United Bank

“In the community of zeros and ones, Gavin is not the father, he's one of the Gods. It is a great oppurtunity to be one of his disciples.”

Jeffrey Famatiga - Web Project Manager
Emerson Network Power

“The course was very personal considering the size of the group."

Victor Miranda - Systems Analyst
Aboitiz One, Inc.

“[The instructor] was approachable. He made sure that we understood the topics.”

Rowena Valerio - Systems Analyst
Int'l Rice Research Institute

“The course was explained well, and (the instructor) was concerned about us learning from the course.”

Reynaldo Ballar, Jr. - Java Developer
Cambridge University Press

“The best course to learn Java. [The course content was] updated and well taught.”

Vincent Madamba
Philippine Heart Center

“I can use all the contents on future and present projects. Struts was discussed in the simplest way to make us understand easily. Exercises were really targeted for us to understand the topic discussed.”

Victorie Maia Donsen
Epson Software Philippines, Cebu

“It's good that the instructor has the background experience to back up the items being taught. The content was presented in a simplified way where you can really grasp concepts. Activities reflect what was taught so learnings can be applied.”

Annie Marie Puga
Epson Software Philippines, Cebu

“I think almost everything that I wanted my members to learn was covered... The instructor knows how to adjust to trainees with different skill levels, and knows what he is talking about... The activities more or less show usage in the real world.”

Nathan Noble - Chief Systems Engineer
Epson Software Philippines, Cebu

“The presentation order of each topic and its relation to the exercises are very good. Generally, the course delivered what we are expecting."

Jungie Lobitaña
Epson Software Philippines, Cebu

“The course is very informative and relevant. It corrected many wrong concepts I had about Java. [I liked] how the concepts were clearly discussed. The hands-on exercises were relevant to the topics discussed.”

Faith Montojo

“Very well organized course. The transition of exercises from easy to hard was well inserted into the course. The trainer keeps you on your toes.”

Joseph Peral
Epson Software Philippines, Cebu

“The exercises were very effective, practical, and direct to key concerns. ”

Carlo Antasuda
Fujitsu Ten Solutions Phils, Inc.

“Gavin is an awesome PHP instructor! We were able to tackle all the course content and finish the exercises which is the most important part. I came out of this course not just knowing about PHP, but created some applications with it too!”

Emanuelle Millan
Smart Communications, Inc.

“Gavin made difficult topics easier and thus more interesting to participants. Lots of hands-on exercises to really learn the lessons. Nice!”

Franjel Consolacion
IT Consultant

“(The instructor) really knows what he is teaching. I like the way he explains the topics using layman's terms.”

Abegail Marcelo
Govida Studios

“The instructor was very straightforward. Great mastery of the subject being taught, and illustrates the examples very well. The activities are very relevant to my job. I can now apply the examples in the real world.”

Rexdale David
Prudentialife Plans

“Sobrang satisfied. Well explained lahat.” (Very satisfied. Everything was explained well.)

Jomar Bernedo
Smart Communications

“Gavin is a good instructor. He is obviously knowledgeable about the topic. He discusses the chapters clearly and cite real world examples. The exercises were effective.”

Randy Marasigan - Systems Engineer
Fujitsu Ten Solutions Phils, Inc.

“Very good instructor. Explained the topic very well.”

Michael Suarez
Holy Angel University

“Very effective training methods. He makes sure that we understand every topic before proceeding.”

Angel-Leth Degalea
Amkor Technology Philippines

“(I liked) how the theories were very well used in the practical exercises. ”

Jose Tanjuatco
Project Manager, Trend Micro

“Gavin has a unique way on making the learning process easy even though the topic is very complicated. The activities helped me a lot to understand the course.”

Rogelio Gutierrez
Angeles University Foundation

“The instructor is very good. He explains the subject matter clearly. He really has in-depth knowledge of the course.”

Marilyn Guevara
Amkor Technology Philippines

“The complex topic was explained very clearly. The instructor makes it easier to understand.”

Izar Fariñas
Transcom Worldwide

“Gavin knows what he's talking about. We attended several trainings before but Gavin delivered his knowledge about PHP very nicely. We are truly happy and fulfilled that we were able to know more about PHP. We can now apply it in our jobs. Hope this kind of course will be more available to everyone.”

Angel Ann Chico
Union Bank of the Philippines

“[The instructor was] excellent! He was able to explain everything that's in the course manual. Talks to explain clearly. Very knowledgeable about the course.”

Angelo Santos
Xavier School

“The instructor is patient and understanding with his students' skills and technical background. He has full grasp of the course he's teaching. He can answer questions well and relate it to real-life applications.”

Dan Leonard Rayo
Samba Tech

“The instructor is quite good and is very knowledgable on the course. Although course duration is short, contents and coverage of the course are complete and very informative. Provides sufficient knowledge and skills to the enrollee. Activities cover extensive application of knowledge gained on each chapter.”

Hazel Grace Valin
Software Engineer, Jump Systems, Inc.

“Gavin made difficult topics easier and thus more interesting to participants. Lots of hands-on exercises to really learn the lessons. Nice!”

Richard Lugtu
eTelecare / Stream Global

“The instructor was very well-versed in all areas we have discussed. Very comprehensive course materials I have seen. Technically challenging.”

Doki Rusiana Jr.
Davao Doctors Hospital

“The instructor was very professional and confident, very knowledgable. He answers questions promptly.”

Edren Mark Dones
Mapfre Insular Insurance

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