ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle

ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle

Course: 691

Type: Hands-On Training

Duration: 5 days

You Will Learn How To:

  • IT Service Management
  • Operational Issues and Management
  • Planning and Implementation of IT Service Management
  • Managing Strategic Change
  • Risk Management
  • Leading Features
  • Understanding Organizational Challenges

About the Exam:

The examination is closed book and made up of multiple choice questions based on a scenario. Students will be allowed 120 minutes to answer the questions. You need at least 70% (28/40 points) to pass.


17 collected points from Foundation and LifeCycle/Capability level of ITIL® and practical experience in IT Service Management.

Who Should Attend:

Individuals who require a business and management level understanding of the ITIL service lifecycle and how it may be implemented to enhance the quality of IT service provision within an organization.

Individuals seeking the ITIL Expert in IT Service Management certificate, for which this qualification is the final mandatory module.

Individuals seeking progress towards the ITIL Master in IT Service Management, for which the ITIL Expert in IT Service Management certificate is a prerequisite.

Course Content:

Key Concepts of the Service Lifecycle

  • Managing Services and Service Management
  • The Service Lifecycle
  • Service value across the different stages of the service lifecycle

Communication and Stakeholder Management

  • Co-ordination of business relationship management across the service lifecycle, and the role of business relationship management in communication
  • Stakeholder management and communication. The value of good communication and ensuring its flow across the service lifecycle.

Integrating Service Management Processes Across the Service Lifecycle

  • The integration of service management processes through the service lifecycle
  • The impact of service strategy on other service lifecycle stages
  • The value of a service lifecycle perspective when designing service solutions
  • The inputs and outputs of processes and stages in the service lifecycle
  • The value to business and the interfaces of all processes in the ITIL service lifecycle.

Managing Services Across the Service Lifecycle

  • Identification and assessment of customer and stakeholder needs and requirements across all service lifecycle stages, and ensuring appropriate priority is given to them
  • How the service design package provides a link between service design, service transition and service operation
  • Managing cross-lifecycle processes to ensure appropriate impact and involvement at all required service lifecycle stages
  • Implementing and improving services, using key sources of information for identifying the need for improvement
  • The challenges, critical success factors and risks of the service lifecycle stages, and potential conflicts and competing issues across the service lifecycle

Governance and Organization

  • Governance
  • Organizational structure, skills and competence
  • Service provider types and service strategies


  • Measuring and demonstrating business value
  • Determining and using metrics
  • Design and development of measurement frameworks and methods
  • Monitoring and control systems
  • Use of event management tools to increase visibility of the infrastructure and IT service delivery.

Implementing and Improving Service Management Capability

  • Implementing service management
  • Assessing service management
  • Improving service management
  • Key considerations for the implementation and improvement of both the service management practice and the services themselves
  • Key considerations when planning and implementing service management technologies.

Challenges, Critical Success Factors and Risks

  • The challenges and risks such as staffing, funding, management, etc., which can be related to CSI and the details behind how each challenge can be addressed
  • The critical success factors related to CSI as well as how to measure and monitor them

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